Syd Stewart | Founder & Executive Director


Syd Stewart is a performance poet, actor, and writer and the founding member and Executive Director of Better Youth, Inc. She is a local educator for GirlUp, a teen girls empowerment initiative. Ms. Stewart was a former Director for Ushers New Look Foundation and LAUSD/Beyond the Bell Arts in Education program where she managed a half of million dollar 21st Century grant program for two high schools and five community satellite sites for three years.

Shawn Jackson | Director of Operations & Learning Innovation

Shawn Jackson, former Technical Program Director for the Boys and Girls Club, has served as a program consultant by providing assistance with program evaluation, curriculum development, data analysis, and building technology infrastructure. He has worked with organizations such as Special Services for Groups (SSG) to strengthen quantitative and qualitative assessments and data reporting. As a community resource veteran,  Mr. Jackson has spent years researching the growing practice of new media and web-based technology use, specifically among youth-serving nonprofit organizations.

Miguel Coleman | SEL/PD Practicitioner

Miguel Coleman

Miguel Coleman is a technology entrepreneur, director and producer of community cultural events for youth and families. He is skilled at coordinating and promoting High Profile/Celebrity events and corporate sponsored non-profit ventures. Mr. Coleman has over 5 years non-profit experience including program development, execution, and supervision of staff. He has over 6 years experience teaching youth film & multimedia production throughout the Inglewood School District and Los Angeles Unified School District and is well versed in digital and social literacy.

Larry Hughes | CFO

A financial consultant working on Wall Street with many investment banks and individuals, Larry Hughes has been active with Better Youth for over five years. His financial expertise is gained by years of experience with financial institutions such as Nathan and Lewis, Met Life, America Portfolios and Oppenheimer.


2022 – 2023 

  • Naomi Manning, Marketing Executive, Warner Media 
  • Johna Rivers, BY Alum + Disney Production Assistant 
  • Robin Mayemura, VP Talent Acquisition, Skydance Media
  • Mark  Larouche, Financial Analyst, The Capital Group
  • Nick Stotzer, Firehouse Community Church
  • Dominique Mikell, PhD, UCLA Luskin School of Social Affairs
  • Magali Lamourelle, Sr. Product Manager, Amazon
  • Herb Trawick, Principal, Pensado’s Place TV