In 2021, there continues to be a severe ethnic diversity in Film & Television Production. There is still a wide gap between those who have access to technology and the skills to benefit from this knowledge and those who don’t.
Our programs and initiatives help to broaden the perspective of urban youth by providing creative mentoring, technical training, social and digital literacy, self-awareness, advocacy & exploration of academic and career pathways.


Ninety-five percent of our youth participants are Latino and African-American, ages 14-24, from South LA, with 40% of all South LA residents under the age of 18. The community dropout rate is 19% with 60% of adults 25 and older who have not completed high school.


A growing number of young people are disengaged and unemployed, often referred to as NEET (not engaged in employment, education, or training). In low-income urban communities, 84% of households with youth do not own computers. As a result, many miss out on opportunities to benefit from technology, accessing information, learning valuable computer skills, and communicating with others.


  • Group, Peer, Virtual and One-on-One Mentoring
  • Media Arts Curriculum and Technical Training
  • Credentialing and Certification of 21st Century Skills
  • Leadership & Character Development
  • Civic Engagement & Advocacy



AIM-N-INSPIRE: Media Arts Training & Certification

At Better Youth, we believe that the future rests in the hands of engaged, driven, and empowered youth. We also believe that ‘story’ and storytelling through new media are the inspirational means for shaping our future. That’s why we are excited to provide an opportunity to explore and learn at a professional level the creative disciplines of animation (A), interactive gaming (I), media production including film and TV shows (M), and new media with virtual and mixed realities (N). Together, these powerful storytelling skills make up our A. I. M. and N. or as we call it, AIM-N-Inspire. Through Animation, Interactive/Gaming, Media, and New Media training and development, Better Youth’s AIM-N-Inspire Program cultivates a sense of character, a heart of service, excellence and accomplishment for opportunity youth (current and former foster youth/TAY, homeless and low-income) ages 16-24 in Los Angeles County.  For more information:

REAL TO REEL: Global Youth Film Festival & Tech Symposium

A linked learning community platform that activates an enterprising cohort of foster and at-risk then pairs them with industry mentors to help produce a community event to help further their marketplace pursuits and experiential learning. The program provides the opportunity for program youth to forge alliances with a global peer group and industry professionals. The annual fall film festival and tech symposium is hosted by Los Angeles Film School. For more information: