Better Youth is a mentoring & creative development agency for urban youth ages 12-24.


OUR MISSION: We transform young people by developing soft skills through mentoring and validating technical skills through media arts training.

OUR VISION: Our vision is to activate a community of youth who are equipped and empowered to become world change agents.

OUR VALUESWe are committed to creative youth development that enables a personal trajectory for academic and professional success. We honor specialized informal learning environments that enhance the innate talents of young people. We believe in cultivating confidence, character, leadership and civic engagement to encourage discovery, awareness, and advocacy.





  • Over 1300 youth impacted in 2015

  • Over 12,000 youth served since 2008

  • Estimated 25, 000+ in mentoring hours since 2008

  • Over 25 service projects completed

  • 100% youth engaged through media and technology platforms

  • 98% of youth participating in our program have graduated from high school and are enrolled in a college or university and/or gainfully employed.

  • 95% of our youth have produced a media project or event in their communities for peers, parents, teachers and community stakeholders.

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